Daily Bookmarks 12/30/2008

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  1. Betsy, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you find my links useful. I haven’t gone through any of those Flash tutorials yet, but since learning Flash is one of my long-term goals I wanted to save that site for when I have some more time. Good luck improving your own Flash skills!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your bookmarks. I subscribe to your feed, and I often find something useful. This time, I especially found the Flash tutorial helpful for my work! Keep it up in 2009.

  3. Ray, you said:

    “I had not realised the purpose of your Bookmarking – or even that these were ‘just’ bookmarks.”

    1. The title of the post is “Daily Bookmarks 12/30/2008.”
    2. This post is one of a few hundred bookmarks posts on my blog. Even if you didn’t look through the archives and haven’t been to my blog before, there are other bookmarks posts on my home page.
    3. At the end of the post, it says it’s posted from Diigo, a social bookmarking service.
    4. The post links to other bookmarks as “favorite links.”

    I don’t think this could be much more obvious that I’m posting my bookmarks.

    I hope in the future that you’ll take a bit more time to look at the context and environment before coming to someone’s blog and accusing them of “outmoded thinking.”

  4. Hi, Christy – apologies if I caused any offence. I had not realised the purpose of your Bookmarking – or even that these were ‘just’ bookmarks.

    I agree with you completely that we must work our way through ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ before we can make any conclusuions for ourselves.

    Certainly, the most powerful influence on my research has been the work of Dr Helen Barrett and also one of her recommendations, the work of Evangeline Stefanakis on ‘Multiple Intelligences’.

    BTW, whilst talking ‘books’, have you come across W.J Popham’s book, ‘Transformative Assessments’? – It’s quite an eye-opener in the way he breaks down and analyses the components of formative assessment.

    So, no, I certainly would not oppose working through a range of sources, in fact the opposite. I see that you’re in the USA and our systems are a bit different here in the UK, but still, it’s good to share ideas and opinions.

    Kindest Regards,
    Ray T

  5. Ray, just because I bookmark something doesn’t mean I agree with everything in it. Do you only read articles from people with whom you completely agree, or when you do research do you sometimes come across content that conflicts with both other published content and your own thinking?

    I’m doing research right now for a course. Like all of my bookmarks, some things I save I agree with completely, some things I agree with partially, and some I disagree with totally. Inclusion in a list of bookmarks hardly indicates that I think something is “gospel truth.”

    Can you clarify why you think reading a range of sources with different views is a bad idea for research, and why when you have this attitude that I should be interested in your own research?

  6. re item ‘e-Portfolio or Assessment Management’

    I am perplexed by your inclusion of documentation which can only represent a half-truth of the present situation. e-Portfolios have moved on a long way since Helen Barrett’s paper of 2003 – which, at its time was an excellent and seminal work. Many of the concepts she expounded at that time have influenced my own research and product development.

    However, too many time-stamped assumptions about the e-Portfolio are still promoted as ‘gospel’ despite being superseded by clearer thinking. For instance, (a)the e-Portfolio should be owned by the learner and not seen as an institutional tool; (b)for reasons of ‘portability’ and longevity the e-Portfolio should not be hosted by the academic institution; (c)there is no need for users to know anything about htmel; (d)the one e-Portfolio may serve different purposes and be viewed by different audiences at the same time. – I could go on, and on…

    Because of this mish-mash of outmoded thinking I had to start from first principles in redefining an e-Portfolio and came up with the following ’10 Prime Directives’ see: http://www.maximise-ict.co.uk/10_Prime_Directives.pdf

    Best Wishes,
    Ray T

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