Diigo Daily Blog Post working again – Finally!

My bookmarks postings should be back to coming from Diigo again rather than del.icio.us. Diigo did a major update for which they apparently did not do sufficient testing. The update was not a smooth and painless process, and they turned off the daily blog post feature while they focused on more pressing issues. However, they do seem to be getting the kinks worked out now. Hopefully once the dust has settled they will all sit down and figure out what went wrong with this update so the next round of updates is better.

In spite of all the hassles, I do really like Diigo and I’m glad to have it back. I was very frustrated to be without it because I had come to rely on it. There are a couple of features that are especially helpful:

  • Ability to highlight on a page. That is what shows up as the “Annotation” or Quote in my posts.
  • Being able to other people’s comments while you are writing your own comment.
  • The blog posts are formatted better than del.icio.us, and I have the option to post as a draft so I can tweak the formatting if needed.
  • Saving to multiple bookmarking services simultaneously.

I use the Forward feature regularly too; I just right-click on any website and click Diigo > Forward. It creates a message to email the link. I know, I could just email, but this is a little faster and I’m lazy. They have added a groups feature which I haven’t experimented with yet, but probably will soon. Between me, the other instructional designer, and our manager, a lot of links get sent back and forth in email, and the groups feature might be easier to collect it all in one place.

One disadvantage is that their network isn’t very big yet so you don’t get as much of the “social” in social bookmarking as I’d like. That’s a big reason why I’m using del.icio.us too; del.icio.us’ user base is so much larger that it’s much easier to find other resources people have tagged. But, since Diigo saves to other services, I can still build my collection in del.icio.us while taking advantage of Diigo.

I wish I could recommend Diigo wholeheartedly, but I have reservations because of how this upgrade was handled. I guess my suggestion would be to try it out–but to save everything to your other services too, just in case.

Has anyone else been using Diigo? What’s your favorite social bookmarking service?

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