Diigo User Communities

I just realized that Diigo lets me see everyone who has bookmarked my site and what they saved. They call this the “User Community” around a site; there’s also communities around tags. Here’s Site Community for my blog; you can enter your own URL there to see your user community. If you’re more interested in the people than the pages and tags, the People Search By Site is a better tool.

Diigo Site Community

I like being able to see this information to learn about what my readers like from my blog. Obviously the information’s a bit limited because only 12 people have bookmarked my site, but it’s still fun to look at what they saved and how they tagged it. A site with more bookmarks, like Vicki Davis’ site community, has much richer information.

In del.icio.us, it’s much harder to find this information, and much of it simply isn’t available. I periodically check how many people have bookmarked my site on del.icio.us, but that only picks up people who have saved the main page. If I want to see who has bookmarked a particular post, I have to enter that URL separately. (Unless I’m missing something–if there’s an easier way, somebody please fill me in.)

I know that some bloggers put their own posts in del.icio.us to help them track who else is saving those posts. I do agree that what gets bookmarked is one measure of our posts’ value to others. I’ve never done that bookmarking though because it seemed like too much work. Diigo doesn’t require any prep work on my part though, which makes it much more likely that I’m going to actually use the information.

Here endeth today’s commercial for Diigo. Seriously, I know I sound like I’m doing marketing for them, but I promise I’m not on their payroll. I just was really excited by this discovery today and wanted to share.

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4 thoughts on “Diigo User Communities”

  1. I am hoping to get our team of instructional designers to use it at some point. We end up emailing each other links regularly, and I think Diigo would be more effective. It’ll only really work if it becomes part of everyone’s daily practice though. I’ve been using it over a year now, so the habits of bookmarking are pretty well ingrained at this point. I don’t know if that kind of behavior change will be realistic for them.

    But, I’m not worrying about it too much with the team right now. Until we get through the LMS testing, selection, and conversion process, this is waaay down the priority list. I’m sure you understand. 🙂

  2. Hey Christy, thanks for sharing this. I know it got super popular over the weekend, so I’m taking some time trying to figure it out. I think it came at the perfect time though as I have group of users all searching the same research site and each printing off their favourite pages. I’m hoping the use of communities here will work well for my staff.

  3. Diigo has been so helpful for keeping track of all my resources. I do a lot of online research for the courses I develop, and this has been terrific for that. I’m really just now starting to see how all these social tools fit in with what I do. Even if I don’t end up using too many of the other tools, I expect that this one will continue to be helpful.

    Today I spent some time exploring the Tag Communities, which is similar to this feature. Having the resources focused around content rather than just around sites or people will be valuable too.

  4. That’s a nice feature. I’ve been using diigo since they first got started and just love the new changes. When I was in school, it was a great way to blog on my research. I haven’t gotten to play much with some of the new features and am glad to read about this one.

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