Diigo’s New Release

Diigo recently released version 3 of their social bookmarking application. This is what I use to keep track of all my resources and what generates my Daily Bookmarks posts. I was involved in the testing for this release, which was fun. I’ve never participated in private testing like that, and it was cool to see the process and how the features were changed over time based on feedback from the testers.

The biggest change in this version is really the emphasis on the social part of social bookmarking. Diigo had groups before, but the sharing tools are improved now. You can also have a profile and add friends like social networking sites. Diigo identifies other users who tag the same sites and use the same tags as you, so it’s easier to find people with similar interests. They really are trying to create ways to easily find communities around specific topics and sites; this has some real possibilities for building learning communities.

I admit that I don’t use all these features; I still end up mostly using Diigo as my personal research tool. Having the ability to highlight and annotate text makes it much more useful as part of my personal learning environment than delicious. Personally, I think Diigo just looks a lot nicer than the barebones interface for delicious, especially in this version.

This video was definitely written for marketing purposes, but if you can ignore the sales-y tone, it’s a nice overview of all the features.

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