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Listen to my interview with Holly Owens on the EdUp EdTech podcast on my transition from teaching to ID as well as technology changes.

Holly Owens recently interviewed me for her EdUp EdTech podcast. We talked about my transition from band teacher to freelance LXD consultant. Holly asked about the “feast or famine” cycle in freelancing, and I talked about strategies to address that. This conversation was recorded shortly after I was announced as part of Eduflow’s list of top 100 most influential people in learning, so we talked about that top 100 list, my career trajectory, and how I became well-known in the field of instructional design.

Holly and I had a wide-ranging conversation on technology from historical changes through ChatGPT, AI, and future shifts in the field. This was an especially nerdy conversation for me (and you know my baseline level of nerdy is pretty high anyway), where I name dropped Clark Quinn, Maria Montessori…and John Philip Sousa?!? I swear, it makes sense in context.

Listen to the EdUp EdTech podcast

If the podcast isn’t embedded below, you can listen on or Spotify. On other podcast platforms, search for EdUp EdTech Episode #74.

Episode description

This is the description from Holly’s website:

In this episode, I got to chat with the amazing, nerdy, fun, and resourceful Christy Tucker! Once I listed to Luke Hobson’s episode with Christy I knew I needed to have her on EdUp EdTech. We talk about Christy’s journey from band teacher to freelance ID. Yes, she is a transitioned teacher too! You even get to learn about how she came up with her business’s name and the name of her first viral blog post. Oh, and Christy was named one of the Top 100 Learning Influencers by Eduflow. What more could you want in one episode? It’s time to grab those headphones and tune in to this fantastic episode!

Further listening

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EdUp EdTech Podcast Episode 74: Christy Tucker
Learning Experience Design Consultant

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