Emotionally Engaging Content: Podcast Interview

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with JW Marshall on the Voices of E-learning podcast. We talked broadly about trends in workplace training. One of the themes of our conversation was how emotionally engaging content can improve learning outcomes. You can watch the interview here or on Apple Podcasts.

JW Marshall and Christy Tucker discussing how emotionally engaging content creates better e-learning outcomes

Trends in learning

One quote they pulled from our conversation was, “I see increasing interest in doing more than just checking a box to say the training was done.” I’m seeing interest in shifting away from a single course model. More organizations are considering a wider variety of solutions including microlearning, scenario-based learning, blended learning, and vILT. I also talked about how the pandemic has increased the demand for elearning, and the continuing trend toward remote and distributed work will continue to drive growth in the field.

Storytelling and emotional connection

One of the benefits of using storytelling and scenarios for e-learning is creating an emotional connection. In workplace training, we’re usually trying to change behavior. Sometimes changing behavior might just require additional knowledge or skills. However, sometimes you also need to shift attitudes or increase motivation. Stories can help learners see the relevance of training and why it’s important.

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