Final Version of Machine is Us/ing Us Video

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the final version of The Machine is Us/ing Us video has now been posted on YouTube. It hasn’t changed too much, although I didn’t compare the two directly to figure out exactly what has changed.

Michael Wesch, the professor who created it, says this about the final version:

This new version is not a major revision. It is just cleaned up a bit – fixed a few typos and cleaned up some transitions. I’m reserving some of the new ideas that have come to me in the past month for future video projects. I considered releasing this as an “eternal beta” in true Web 2.0 style, but decided to let it stand as is and start working on future projects. Many of my future videos will address the last 30 seconds of this video (the “rethink …” part).

I wonder how his next project will turn out and what the next video to spark such a response will be.

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