Finally Under Creative Commons

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but finally decided to quit procrastinating and put the license up. My blog is now under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

I have realized recently that not everyone really understands what this means. I heard someone in a discussion say that putting a Creative Commons badge on your work protects your copyright, similar to how putting “Copyright 2007” would. Last week I asked someone how she understood Creative Commons, and she basically described public domain: no restrictions. One of my Subject Matter Experts submitted content for a course with a Non-Commercial Share-Alike license. Even if you aren’t familiar with all the variations of CC licenses, I bet you can figure out that since I work at a for-profit company, the whole “non-commercial” didn’t go real far.

For my blog, here’s the quick and dirty summary of what this license means:

Feel free to use anything of mine, just keep my name on it somewhere.

A link would be nice too, if you can. Quotes or other content not created by me still belong to the original creator, so go check with them if you want to use any of that.

Hope that clears it up!

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