Cheri Toledo pointed out a site called Orisinal. It’s got a bunch of little Flash-based games. None of them are designed to be overly challenging; Cheri says she uses them for mental breaks.

It’s nice to look at some ideas for a variety of interactions. I admit found some of them confusing; I couldn’t quite figure out the point of a few games. But, I also didn’t spend much time trying to understand them. Still, it’s valuable to have sites like this for inspiration. We have the possibilities of making multimedia interactions in e-learning that are so much more than just multiple choice or drag and drop matching. Even relatively simple tasks can be made a more pleasant and engaging with some variety.

Cheri says:

I’ve used it to show my Instructional Technology Design students what can be done with Flash and lots of time.

Lots and lots of time, and a lot more skill in Flash than I have. But I’m slowly working on improving that.

If you need a mental break or some visual inspiration, check it out.

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