ID and e-Learning Links (3/31/14)

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  1. As I just spent 20 years in corporate training/instructional design, I was floored by the amount of eLearning tools out there, as I was used to using whatever my company used. I have a list going and it’s numbering around 30 right now. I have a lot of catching up to do! So, I’m interested to read the article, as those are two of the ones on my list.

    1. There are over 400 LMSs out there, plus lots of tools for developing courses. It’s not possible to know them all, so you have to figure out which ones are most likely to meet your needs.
      Joe Ganci’s Toolkit column for Learning Solutions Magazine is a very helpful source for evaluating e-learning tools, especially those for creating courses.
      If you’re looking at LMSs, Craig Weiss’ resources are a good resource.

      1. Thanks lady! Yes, it’s impossible to know them all (and I just died a little inside when you said that there are over 400). When I’m sourcing work from or, it’s helpful to have more than just Articulate, uPerform, or Element K listed.

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