ID and E-Learning Links (6/15/15)

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  1. Can anyone tell me how to deliver my articulate storyline project to the web without it referencing my C local drive? I need to distribute this course to 5 participants last Thursday (YIKES). My articulate storyline project published successfully, however when I distribute the story.html it references my C drive and the participant gets a web page with no data. Please help,
    Thank you.
    Leslie N Harmon

    1. Try the directions in my response above about hosting on Google Drive.
      Is there a link somewhere within the course to a specific file (like a PDF handout to download)? Are you distributing all the published files for the project?

  2. Can somebody recommend a free site to host my training module created in PowerPoint with embedded videos? This is a asynchronous training. I need for the participants to view the videos within the PowerPoint training. I need support quickly please! Thank you.

    1. You might be able to do it with Google Drive by adapting these directions. Just link to the pps version of your file instead of the html file mentioned here.
      A free WordPress blog (like mine) might also work. Even though it’s a blog site, you can choose a theme geared more to regular websites. You can put the PPT behind a password if needed.
      SlideShare might allow embedded videos; it’s probably worth exploring.

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