ID and E-Learning Links (6/26/2016)

  • About 7 questions for needs assessment, starting with “What is the problem?” and digging deeper to uncover the root cause.

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    • The first question is obvious: What is the problem? However, answers will almost always be symptoms and not causes.
    • Continue the conversation by asking, “Which metrics are you trying to positively affect?”
    • You can accelerate right past symptoms by asking, “What are employees doing that they shouldn’t be doing?” or “What are employees not doing that they should be doing?”
    • Gain valuable insight regarding the timing of the problem by asking, “When did it first begin?” and “When does it occur?”
    • Get a clear picture of the location by asking, “Where does the problem occur?”
    • A simple way to initially assess the scope is by asking, “How big is the problem in measurable terms?” The measurable terms should be linked to the metrics that matter question.
    • “What questions should I have asked that I haven’t?” This question triggers the client to share any last minute details that are relevant to finding a solution.
  • I agree with the author that using the generic LinkedIn connection request comes off as lazy or at least clueless. I don’t agree with everything else the author says (like marking everyone as a colleague even if you’ve never worked with them), but I appreciate the ideas and examples of how to customize invites in different ways.

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    • Nothing screams, “I’m lazy,” more than an uncustomized request.

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  1. GFreat article on LinkedIn intros. Another tip that wasn’t mentioned in that post is to use Text Expander software to prepare a number of different intro emails, allowing you to quickly add that text when you want to connect.

    1. That’s a great suggestion. I have my standard messages saved in Google Docs so I can copy and paste, but a Text Expander would be faster than my current process.

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