ID and E-Learning Links (9/6/15)

  • Tips for how to clean up e-learning design. This is mostly about visual design including picking images, fonts, color schemes, and using grids. A few tips on cleaning up content are included, but that topic could be a whole series of posts.

    tags:e-learning graphicdesign qualityassurance writing

  • Excellent analysis of the case history and interpretation of copyright law. The quick answer is that because data itself can’t be copyrighted, charts and graphs that just represent that data also can’t be copyrighted. Infographics are an exception because they can demonstrate creativity.

    tags:copyright fairuse

    • Charts, graphs, and tables are not subject to copyright protection because they do not meet the first requirement for copyright protection, that is, they are not “original works of authorship,” under the definitions in the Act.

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