ID and eLearning Links 1/26/2021

In this post, I share links on creating certificates in Storyline, the benefits of sharing your work, and tools for visuals and videos.

As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links periodically here on my blog. In this post, I share links on creating certificates in Storyline, the benefits of sharing your work, and tools for visuals and videos.

Certificates in Storyline

For a recent project, I researched ways to create a printable certificate in Storyline with an expiration date 1 year after completing the module. These links were all helpful (including the Javascript links below).

How To Create A Printable Certificate Of Completion In Articulate Storyline
Video tutorial plus transcript and files for creating a printable certificate of completion in Storyline. This worked, but it creates an HTML page rather than a PDF.

Articulate Storyline to Create a Customized PDF on the Fly? – Rabbitoreg (Zsolt Olah)
How to create a PDF from Storyline variables using the PDFMake Javascript library

Storyline 360 – Generating a PDF Certificate using JavaScript – Articulate Storyline Discussions – E-Learning Heroes
Directions and sample file for creating a PDF certificate

Javascript in Storyline

Pulling first name from LMS – Articulate Storyline Discussions – E-Learning Heroes
Javascript snippets for pulling names from the LMS so they can be used in a Storyline module in a certificate or other places

Javascript Date Variable Help. – Articulate Storyline Discussions – E-Learning Heroes
Notes on Javascript date formatting and how to add 365 days to a date (e.g., for an expiration date on a training certificate)

Share your work

Share everything you know
Chris Lema writes about the benefits of blogging and sharing your knowledge generously. While this isn’t explicitly about training or learning, it is a form of working out loud or showing your work. And while this is about blogging, the same concepts apply to any other method of sharing: videos, podcasts, etc.

Why not put the content behind a paywall? What if someone takes what I share and generates revenue? Shouldn’t I protect my “intellectual property?”

My answer is always the same: share everything you know. All the time. Because knowledge begs to be shared

Chris Lema

These are Chris’s 5 reasons from his article:

  1. Knowledge is cheap. Execution is everything.
  2. Generosity creates opportunities.
  3. Sometimes I write for future me.
  4. Clarity comes from communication.
  5. Your knowledge can change lives.

Even if you’re not an expert, there’s a good chance that there’s someone who knows less than you do. And the act of sharing that information may not mean a ton for you. But sharing everything can have an incredible impact on someone else.

Chris Lema

Visuals and video tools

VISIWIG | Visuals for busy designers
Online tool for creating quick patterns, textures, and icons. The images created with Visiwig are free for personal and commercial use.

This browser-based video editing tool is aimed at marketers for creating quick social media videos. They have a free account level which includes a watermark. This might be helpful to students or others looking for a way to create a quick sample for their portfolio without spending money.

Additional resources

Check out my complete library of links or my previous bookmarks posts.

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