ID and eLearning Links 11/10/2020

As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links periodically here on my blog. In this post, I share links on branching scenarios, capturing video use data, PowerPoint productivity, and more.

Branching scenarios

Branching Scenarios: Yes, No, Maybe? – The H5P PB Kitchen
This is another post about Alan Levine’s branching scenario built in H5P and Pressbooks. At the bottom of the post, Alan provides links to several other examples of branching scenarios built in H5P.

Creating a Branching Scenario Quiz with Camtasia
In this video, Matt Pierce shows how to create an interactive video with custom feedback. Matt notes this is challenging to troubleshoot and needs to be planned in advance, but this is an interesting possibility.

Video use data and interactive video

LearningDojo | Learning Development Training
Video xAPI trackers and wrappers. These are free templates from Jeff Batt at Learning Dojo.

Interactive Video Generator
This is another tool from Jeff Batt. You can create JSON files for interactive video with questions at cue points. These interactions can be reported with xAPI.

PowerPoint productivity

6 PowerPoint productivity boosters from BrightSlide | BrightCarbon
The free BrightSlide tool from BrightCarbon offers a number of useful features for working in PowerPoint, such as splitting text into separate text boxes (or merging multiple text boxes into a single text box). The Match Size tool is also helpful for improving consistency.

Diverse stock photos

19 Great Resources for Diverse Stock Photos – DreamHost
I have shared some of these sites before, but several of these resources for diverse stock photos are new to me. Some of these are collections within larger stock sites or agencies that contribute to stock sites.

Marketing research

Answer the Public describes itself as a “Search listening tool for market, customer & content research.” It’s a way to see what search terms people enter about a particular topic or brand. If you’re wondering what questions people have about a subject, this would give you data about what they search for online. You can only do one search per day for free; otherwise it’s $99/month for unlimited searches (which only makes sense if you’re doing a LOT of market research).

Additional resources

Check out my complete library of links or my previous bookmarks posts.

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