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As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links periodically here on my blog. In this post, I share resources for building branching scenarios, finding the cause of performance problems, improving accessibility, creating videos, and moving from classroom to blended learning.

Branching scenarios

Resources for Creating Branching Scenarios – E-Learning Uncovered
Diane Elkin’s curated resources on creating branching scenarios, including examples, books, blog posts, and templates.

Uncover root causes

How to quickly find the cause of a performance problem
A great idea from Cathy Moore for digging into the reason for a performance problem. Instead of just asking “why,” ask “what for.” What drives behavior may not be a problem that can be fixed with training.

“What for?” uncovers motives

“What do they lie for?” you ask.

“They want to look good even when they can’t do the work,” Joe says. “We have a competitive culture.”

Now we’re getting somewhere. Our next question can be “why” because we’ve steered Joe down a better path.

Cathy Moore


Accessibility posters
Guidelines for developing media with different aspects of accessibility. These are also available as downloadable PDF posters.

Create videos

Note: I had linked to FlexClip in 2019 when I originally published this post. However, FlexClip is clearly run by incompetent people who don’t talk to each other. As of 4/30/24, they have contacted me 6 different times asking me to link to their tool on my blog…even though I did, as you can see below. Every time, I’ve sent them the link and reminded them that they’ve asked before.

Therefore, I strongly recommend against using FlexClip. The employees are disorganized, don’t talk to each other, and don’t use a CRM. It’s clearly a poorly run company, and you shouldn’t use their tool. They appear to primarily be interested in spamming people rather than creating anything useful.

Free Online Video Maker – Create Videos in Minutes | FlexClip
Free browser-based tool for creating quick videos. This would be good for creating short promos for upcoming webinars or training.

From Classroom to Blended

Ger’s Learning Notes #32 – From Classroom Learning to Blended Learning – aNewSpring
Ger Driesen’s curated collection of resources on elearning, blended learning, and moving training from classroom to online. Two of my blog posts on converting content are included.

Check out my complete library of links.

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