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As I read various sources online, I bookmark what I find useful. The links and resources in this post include collections of research, specific research on retrieval practice, an overview of learning theories, H5P’s new branching scenario option, and a widget for changing the colors in the Storyline modern player.

Learning Science and Research

Research Collections

A Look Back At The Years Best From Learning Science And Instructional Design – Mike Taylor   Curated list of research and summaries of research related to learning. Cognitive load, spacing effect, forgetting effect, worked examples, and more.   tags:research learning

All posts | LX Research   A collection of research related to learning, tagged in various categories   tags:research learning

Retrieval Practice Research

Factual Knowledge Must (Not?) Precede Higher Order Thinking |Education & Teacher Conferences   Summary of Pooja Agarwal’s research on retrieval practice for higher order thinking   tags:research learning bloom education    

That is: when students didn’t review a particular set of facts, they could still reason with them — as long as they had practiced doing that kind of reasoning.      

Andrew Watson, summarizing Pooja Agarwal’s research

Retrieval Practice & Bloom’s Taxonomy: Do Students Need Fact Knowledge Before Higher Order Learning?   The title is a little misleading. This isn’t about needing knowledge per se, but about what kinds of retrieval practice are more helpful for supporting higher order learning. Factual questions helped increase factual knowledge, but they didn’t help higher order reasoning. Higher order retrieval practice (on its own or mixed with factual questions) resulted in better performance on the higher order reasoning. If we view this as practicing in context, then it makes sense that practicing skills of similar difficulty would produce better results. However, this is contrary to some of the research that factual knowledge has to be mastered first.   tags:research learning bloom    

Although fact quizzes were beneficial for fact learning, they did not facilitate higher order learning, contrary to popular intuition based on Bloom’s taxonomy.  

Contrary to popular intuition, building a foundation of factual knowledge via retrieval practice did not enhance students’ higher order learning. Instead, students’ final fact test and higher order test performance was greatest following retrieval practice that matched in cognitive complexity based on Bloom’s taxonomy: fact quizzes enhanced final fact test performance and higher order quizzes enhanced final higher order test performance. Retrieval practice increased learning by 20–30% under laboratory conditions with college students and also in an authentic K-12 classroom.  

Why didn’t fact quizzes improve higher order learning in the present study, as many cognitive scientists and educators contend? First, students may have been unaware that information on fact quizzes was related to final higher order tests, thus they did not transfer their knowledge without explicit instructions to do so.  

Mixed quizzes, comprising both fact and higher order questions, increased higher order test performance more than fact quizzes (in Experiment 2) and slightly more than higher order quizzes (in Experiment  

If we want to reach the top of Bloom’s taxonomy, building a foundation of knowledge via fact-based retrieval practice may be less potent than engaging in higher order retrieval practice at the outset, a key finding for future research and classroom application.  

Pooja K. Agarwal

Learning Theories

Different Types of Learning Theories – Understanding the Basics | My Love for Learning   An overview of learning theories: behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, social learning, connectivism, and adult learning. The connectivism description is questionable (or at least it’s not Stephen Downes’s version of connectivism, which I’m more familiar with).   tags:learningtheories constructivism sociallearning connectivism adultlearning learning newid  

Tools: H5P and Storyline

Branching Scenario (beta) | H5P   H5P has a tool for branching scenarios now. The sample is a well-done interactive video scenario for home visitors.   tags:branching scenarios h5p tools e-learning

Storyline 360 Modern Player Custom Colors eLearning Widget for Articulate Storyline 360 | Stencil by Cluelabs   Free widget using JavaScript to change the colors in the Modern Player in Storyline 360   tags:Storyline free tools color

Instructional Design and E-Learning Links

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