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The links and resources in this post include learning science, patterns and tips for branching scenarios, visual design principles, and some free resources.

Learning Science

GUEST POST: The Emerging Consensus — The Learning Scientists This is an interesting summary of research, compiling conclusions from multiple types of research. While I’m skeptical of most claims about neuroscience research directly informing learning design, this tries to avoid that. Neuroscience research is used to explain results from cognitive psychology research. They also try to connect cognitive research on the other side with classroom experience. tags:teaching research education spacedlearning cogpsych neuroscience

Constructivism is a theory of learning, not a theory of pedagogy. Neuroscience explains why this is important | npj Science of Learning Community This is intended to be a controversial position, but it seems to align with research. We construct our understanding in context, building and elaborating schema over time. Our schema are only partial representations though. Learning is supported by creating multiple, overlapping partial representations of knowledge. Repeated exposure and practice in varied contexts is important. tags:constructivism neuroscience schema pedagogy learningtheories

Patterns, Examples, and Tips for eLearning Scenarios

Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games | These Heterogenous Tasks Patterns for branching stories and games. Many of these are more complex than what a branching scenario for learning would need to be, but recognizing the patterns and options is helpful. tags:branching

Products – Kognito This vendor has a library of scenario-based courses using virtual coaches. One interesting note is how each decision has two parts. First, you choose which strategy to use. Second, you choose which sentence within that strategy to try in the conversation. You can ask for help from the virtual coach or undo your last action. While the 3D virtual characters are cool, you could use that two-part technique in simulations built in other tools as well. Watch the trailers to get an idea of how the interactions work. tags:scenarios e-learning

13 eLearning Scenario Tips that 60 Experts Agree On – eLearningArt Bryan Jones asked 60 people for their #1 tip for creating scenarios. He noted the top trends and collected these tips all in a single post. My tip is #23 about aligning the scenario to the objectives. tags:scenarios e-learning

These are the 13 most important elements:    

  • Keep it real  
  • Make it relevant  
  • Follow a structured approach  
  • Plan and analyze before you build  
  • Keep the learning objectives and outcomes in mind  
  • Tell a story  
  • Provide accurate context  
  • Find nuance in the scenario  
  • Consider scenario choices carefully  
  • Collaborate with your subject matter experts  
  • Collaborate with your actual learners  
  • Challenge your learners  
  • Let learners experience consequences

Read my tip about aligning objectives with scenarios.

Visual Design Principles (Plus Free Icons)

4 Design Principles that DON’T Live Up to Their Acronym – eLearningArt Bryan Jones demonstrates the design principles of CRAP (contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity) by taking some boring, text-only slides and gradually improving them. tags:graphicdesign visualcommunication e-learning

illustrio: 100% free, 100% customizable icon library Free icons. You can easily get the same icons in different styles, and you can pick your own two colors. tags:free icon graphicdesign

Storyline and SCORM

Designing a Custom Progress Bar in Articulate Storyline – Building Better Courses Discussions – E-Learning Heroes Free widget for creating a custom progress bar in Storyline. This shows course progress rather than slide progress. tags:Storyline free

Html2Scorm- LearningCart Free tool for converting any folder of HTML content into a SCORM 1.2 package tags:scorm tools free html

Selling Training

An Informal Learning Business Curriculum – Leading Learning A collection of podcast episodes on the business of selling and marketing training tags:podcast marketing learning

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