Invest In Yourself: Women in L&D 2024 Recording

It’s easy to get caught up in an endless stream of day-to-day projects and tasks. But what about taking time to invest in yourself and your own learning? Many people, especially women, don’t prioritize their own continuous learning. In my presentation, I shared resources for improving your skills as an L&D professional as well as strategies for making time to invest in yourself.

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What to learn

Screenshot of a slide from the "Invest In Yourself" presentation
What to Learn:
Instructional Design, Learning Science
Development and Technology
Business and Communication

Instructional design is an interdisciplinary field, and it’s not possible to learn everything. Therefore, you have to prioritize and pick the areas where you want to grow your skills. I categorized these areas in three big building blocks:

  • Instructional design and learning science
  • Development and technology
  • Business and communication

Those categories aren’t perfect, of course, and we could quibble about what goes where. I’m mostly trying to provide a framework for planning your self-development.

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This session was part of the TLDC Women in L&D Conference 2024, which had a great lineup of speakers and topics. If you missed the event or want to catch up on specific sessions, check out the link above or the YouTube playlist. While this event featured women as speakers, plenty of the information and resources shared is valuable to men and nonbinary folks too.

Upcoming events

Gathering SME Stories to Craft Relevant and Engaging Scenarios. Tuesday, October 22, 3:00 PM ET.

This webinar will focus on a common sticking point in creating scenario-based learning: working with SMEs. In it, you’ll learn how to ask focused questions and techniques to probe SMEs for additional details such as mistakes and consequences. You’ll learn ways for getting “unstuck” while working with SMEs, and why it’s better to interview SMEs rather than have them write scenarios themselves. You’ll leave this session with tactics to help you get the concrete examples and stories you need from SMEs. Register for this free webinar through Training Mag Network.

BYOD: Mini Is More: Create One-Question Scenarios for Better Assessment. Thursday, November 7, 3:00 PM PST. In this hands-on session, you’ll learn how to create mini-scenarios with just one question. These mini scenarios can be used for more effective, higher-level assessment than traditional multiple-choice questions. One-question mini-scenarios can provide relevant context and measure decision-making rather than simply recall. Plus, they don’t require much additional time, effort, or resources once you learn how to write them. DevLearn, November 6-8, MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas.

BYOD: Mini Is More: Create One-Question Scenarios for Better Assessment Thursday, November 7 Register Now DevLearn 20th Anniversary Christy Tucker Learning Experience Design Consultant Syniad Learning, LLC