L&D Salaries, Portfolios: ID Links 10/3/23

As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links about once a month here on my blog. This post includes links on L&D salaries, portfolio examples, AI tools, and AI-generated character images.

L&D salaries

An Overview of Learning & Development Salaries by Lavinia Mehedințu

This is a small-ish salary survey (700 respondents as of 9/12/23), but enough for the author to start sharing some analysis of trends in the gender pay gap and the effects of seniority and education.

Examples of portfolios

Must-See eLearning Portfolio Examples | The eLearning Designer’s Academy by Tim Slade

Tim Slade has collected some of his favorite elearning portfolios. This is a good place to look for inspiration (but new IDs, know that these folks are experienced, and your portfolio probably won’t quite look like this yet).

AI tools

AI Tool Directory | Navigate the AI Landscape

A searchable directory of AI tools in different categories. Think beyond the big names like ChatGPT and Midjourney: a lot of AI tools will be smaller and focused on specific tasks or areas.

Pika Labs

Text to video tool. This works like Midjourney where you add text prompts in a Discord channel on the Pika Labs server. You can use either a text prompt by itself or provide a starting image to animate. This still feels like a tool in beta to me, and the results often have noticeable AI weirdness in them. But, maybe you could use this for a snippet of B roll or to add slight animation to an existing image.

guidde・Magically create video documentation with AI

This might not be as exciting of an AI tool as all the fun image and video generators, but it looks very practical. Create a screen capture video, then use the AI tools to generate the text explaining each step and add voice over. The tool also creates documentation at the same time. The text looks more accurate than some other tools I have tried, at least in the demo, but I assume in practice it would still require editing. For quick software training and performance support, this looks useful.

AI-generated character images

25 Free Illustrated Characters – Downloads – E-Learning Heroes

Tom Kuhlmann created illustrated characters in different poses using Midjourney and then cleaned them up afterwards. He’s sharing these results for free. Note that some images may still have some weird artifacts, even after the cleanup. These would be a great resource for people looking for a free character set for a portfolio sample. Also, check out Tom’s explanation of how he created these characters–it’s not as simple as just prompting to create multiple poses of a consistent character.

Additional resources

Check out my complete library of links or my previous bookmarks posts.

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