MAGICademy Podcast: The Art and Science of Scenario Design

Dr. Jiani Wu interviewed me for her new MAGICademy podcast about scenario design. We discussed scenario-based learning, strategies to integrate AI, and the effectiveness of scenarios for teaching complex skills.

Key points from the podcast

  • Scenario-based learning and branching scenarios can be effective in teaching complex skills that require critical thinking and decision-making.
  • When designing branching scenarios, it’s important to focus on specific behaviors and provide realistic feedback.
  • Simplifying complex topics and making them concrete can empower learners to apply knowledge effectively.
  • Using AI tools can help generate ideas and alternative choices for branching scenarios, but human oversight and editing are necessary.

Watch the MAGICademy podcast interview

You can listen to the podcast here. If the video doesn’t appear below, you can also watch it on YouTube.

Looking for more?

Check out my other podcasts on scenario-based learning and other topics or all of my posts on storytelling and scenarios.

MAGICademy podcast thumbnail
The Art and Science of Scenario Design: An Evidence-Based Framework
Christy Tucker, expert in scenario design
Photos of Dr. Jiani Wu and Christy Tucker. Both photos are cropped to show only half of their faces on the edge of the image.

Upcoming events

Gathering SME Stories to Craft Relevant and Engaging Scenarios. Tuesday, October 22, 3:00 PM ET.

This webinar will focus on a common sticking point in creating scenario-based learning: working with SMEs. In it, you’ll learn how to ask focused questions and techniques to probe SMEs for additional details such as mistakes and consequences. You’ll learn ways for getting “unstuck” while working with SMEs, and why it’s better to interview SMEs rather than have them write scenarios themselves. You’ll leave this session with tactics to help you get the concrete examples and stories you need from SMEs. Register for this free webinar through Training Mag Network.

BYOD: Mini Is More: Create One-Question Scenarios for Better Assessment. Thursday, November 7, 3:00 PM PST. In this hands-on session, you’ll learn how to create mini-scenarios with just one question. These mini scenarios can be used for more effective, higher-level assessment than traditional multiple-choice questions. One-question mini-scenarios can provide relevant context and measure decision-making rather than simply recall. Plus, they don’t require much additional time, effort, or resources once you learn how to write them. DevLearn, November 6-8, MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas.

BYOD: Mini Is More: Create One-Question Scenarios for Better Assessment Thursday, November 7 Register Now DevLearn 20th Anniversary Christy Tucker Learning Experience Design Consultant Syniad Learning, LLC

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