Daily Bookmarks 11/08/2008

Systems thinking and innovation | effectivedesign.org Live blogged notes from AECT about systems thinking, innovation, and games for learning. Lots of side comments too, including some good connections to instructional design and getting too bogged down in multiple theories. tags: instructionaldesign, theory, change, games, scaffolding, education, e-learning This is exactly what has happened to instructional […]

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Daily Bookmarks 11/06/2008

eLearning Learning Aggregated resources for e-learning. Essentially, this aggregates feeds from a large number of e-learning-related blogs and lets you do a metasearch across them. You can also browse by keyword, tools, and companies. tags: e-learning, learning, web2.0, tagging CCK08: List of change tactics from 1st Elluminate session Screenshot of the brainstorming on how to

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Daily Bookmarks 11/04/2008

Brave New Classroom 2.0 (New Blog Forum) | Britannica Blog Discussions pro and con about technology in the classroom, in response to this question: “Do the new classroom technologies represent an educational breakthrough, a threat to teaching itself, or something in between?” Michael Wesch and Steve Hargadon are two of the educators included in the

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Daily Bookmarks 11/01/2008

Why I Blog – The Atlantic (November 2008) Andrew Sullivan on the value of blogging and how blogging differs from traditional print journalism. tags: blog, writing, journalism It is accountable in immediate and unavoidable ways to readers and other bloggers, and linked via hypertext to continuously multiplying references and sources. Unlike any single piece of

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Daily Bookmarks 10/31/2008

ZaidLearn: 8 Free Screencasting Tools For Tony! Tony Karrer bumped into his limit for a free Jing account, so he asked for other free tools. Zaid Ali Alsagoff provides some options to check out. tags: screencast, tools Half an Hour: Things You Really Need to Learn Like several other people, I just found this 2006

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Daily Bookmarks 10/30/2008

A Networked Life – Ton Zijlstra on Social Networking Full quote from Ton Zijlstra on information overload, in the original interview about the value of social media and networking tags: quoteable, informationliteracy, networks, socialnetworking Information overload does not exist. Failing information strategies do exist. We were brought up with information strategies based on scarcity. We

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Daily Bookmarks 10/23/2008

How to Build Quick Elearning Demos for Your Portfolio « One-Stop Resource for Instructional Designing Rupa discusses common reasons why instructional designers don’t have work for a portfolio and suggests how to put together some quick demos in Captivate or Camtasia to show off your skills. tags: e-learning, instructionaldesign, portfolio, captivate Posted from Diigo. The

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