Podcast Interview on eLearning in Healthcare

Lawrence Laganelli of the Inside Medical Assisting Podcast interviewed me about elearning, especially as it applies in healthcare. Although we focused on examples related to training medical assistants, much of our conversation applies to other organizations as well. Note that this is geared to people outside the field of elearning, including subject matter experts and instructors.
Topics covered:

  • What media I prefer for online learning
  • Key elements that make elearning effective
  • Methods to maintain student interest
  • Example of how to teach interpersonal communication
  • Presenting yourself and managing virtual classrooms
  • Trends in the future of online learning

The interview is about 35 minutes long.

Links and References

The branching scenario example we discuss in the interview is available in my portfolio for you to try yourself.
If you want to read more on how to use storytelling and scenarios for learning, check out my collection of posts.
I referenced Julie Dirksen’s work several times in the conversation. You can buy her book Design for How People Learn.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Interview on eLearning in Healthcare

  1. Hi christy. I just listened to your podcast this morning on the train. Very informative and for an instructional designer such as myself extremely satisfying to hear reinforcement about what it is I do.
    Great work.

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