Response to Intervention SME needed

We’re looking for a good subject matter expert for a specific course we’re planning to develop. Prior experience developing online courses is not a requirement for this job.

From our Director:

I am looking for an expert in Response to Intervention to work with an instructional designer to create an online graduate course for in-service teachers.

Is there anyone you would recommend I contact?

I appreciate any help you can give me!

If you know of anyone, could you please pass this along or forward their contact information to me? You can leave a comment below (I’ll be able to see your email, but it won’t be public), email me at tucker.christy AT gmail DOT com, or use the contact form.

Apologies to my readers outside the US; Response to Intervention is related to disability legislation in this country.

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  1. I and a partner are experts on high school RTI. Our model for HS RTI was choosen by the IL State Board of Education, making us their (only) Lighthouse RTI High School. It is a complex design that combines standards benchmarking, professional learning teams, teacher leadership, and Social Emotional Learning all in a data-driven, research-based design.

    Please email more information.

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