SBL Research, Twine, LXD, Tools: ID Links 9/28/21

Curated links on SBL research, Twine, LXD, 360 images, VR resources, and elearning time estimate calculators.

As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links periodically here on my blog. This post includes links on scenario-based learning (SBL) research, working with Twine, learning experience design (LXD), 360 images, VR resources, and elearning development time calculators.

Scenario-based learning (SBL) research

Feedback and reflection in SBL

The power of feedback and reflection: Testing an online scenario-based learning intervention for student teachers – ScienceDirect

Study looking at how feedback and reflection affect the effectiveness of scenario-based learning in improving self-efficacy and classroom readiness for student teachers. Providing automatic feedback and opportunity to reflect had the biggest effect.

The student teachers were randomly assigned to one of three experimental conditions:control group (online scenario-based learning activity), intervention group 1 (online scenario-based learning activity and feedback), and intervention group 2 (online scenario-based learning, feedback, and reflection). The findings indicated that, compared to the control group, both intervention conditions had a significant positive effect on cognitive classroom readiness. A significant positive effect on self-efficacy was found for intervention group 2. Overall, our research demonstrates the potential of an easy-to-implement online intervention in enhancing self-efficacy and classroom readiness and points towards the importance of combining feedback and reflection within online scenario-based learning activities.

Bardach et al.

In-class vs. online SBL research

Issue 58: Are Group Projects Actually Dreaded?

This issue summarizes a study comparing in-class scenario-based learning to scenario-based elearning. The study found no significant differences in perceived learning, flow, or enjoyment in the in-class and online settings. In effect, the self-paced elearning version of the case study had comparable results to the in-person version.

While the e-learning SBL was not better than the classroom experience, it was comparable. The lack of significance tells us that the online learning students view their engagement, enjoyment, and learning similarly.

Key Takeaway: Scenario-based learning is beneficial, both online and in-person. Thus, implementing SBL into e-learning settings, particularly when preparing learners for real-world settings, is an effective way to engage learners.

SBL summary

Scenario-based learning

2-page PDF overview of scenario-based learning with citations of research for further reading.

Working with Twine

Installing Twine on Mac

Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer – Apple Support

When installing Twine on a Mac, you may get a warning about it being an “unidentified developer.” This is just Apple trying to restrict you from leaving their walled garden and using an open source program where they can’t make any money. Follow these directions to change the security settings and install the program.

Audio in Twine

Harlowe Audio Library

Free tool for managing audio files with Twine and Harlowe

Learning Experience Design

LXD model

Elements of Learning Experience Design | by Andre Plaut

This is a model for LXD based on a model of User Experience. The 5 elements are strategy, requirements, structure, interaction, and sensory. In practice, I don’t think these elements are really separate (interaction and sensory in particular have a lot of overlap and have to be designed together), but I appreciate the model for extending beyond the traditional instructional design focus.

Ultimately, adult learners and their organizations expect learning experiences to establish behaviors that make their lives or work more efficient and effective.

Andre Plaut

360 and VR resources

360 photos

Free stock photos related to 360 panoramic

Free 360 photos. These could be great for creating samples of 360 exploration for a portfolio example.

Free tools for VR stories and other multimedia

Knight Lab

Free tools for creating VR stories, timelines, annotated maps and charts, image comparisons, and more. These are open source tools and may be a little clunky, but potentially worth exploring for short experiences. They’re design more for journalists and media companies than training, but there’s overlap in explainer journalism and elearning.

Time estimates

eLearning development calculators

4 Online Tools for Estimating Learning Development Time and Price

Kayleen Holt compares 4 different calculators for estimating time and cost for elearning development.

Additional resources

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