Storyline Interaction: Text Message with Scoring

This Storyline interaction simulates a series of text messages where you choose from three response options. Each response is assigned a score, which determines the final feedback message.

This Storyline interaction simulates a series of text messages where you choose from three response options. Each response earns a score. The final feedback message varies based on the total number of points.

Try the example

Try out the interaction yourself. At the end, you can retry to choose different options and see if you can get a different feedback message.


The scoring in this Storyline interaction is tracked in the variable “Feedback.” Each response is assigned either 1, 2, or 3 points (Min, Med, and Max). Each response also has a T/F variable, set to False by default.

Each time you click a response, four triggers happen.

  1. Add 1, 2, or 3 to the variable Feedback.
  2. Show the layer Feedback.
  3. Move the messages on the motion path Up.
  4. Set the variable for that choice (e.g., Q1MaxSelected) to True.
Screenshot of the Triggers pane. The triggers are explained in the list preceding this image.
Triggers for choosing a response

On the first question, I also have a trigger to set the Feedback variable to 0. This means it calculates correctly if you retry the activity.

Response message

I set up the text responses with states for each choice. The conditional triggers check for which response variable is true (e.g., Q2MedSelected). The response starts in the Hidden state, changing to Minimum, Medium, or Maximum to match your choice.

Screenshot of triggers for changing the state of the response from hidden to a selected message
Triggers for showing your chosen response on the phone
Screenshot of the states showing Normal, Maximum, Medium, Hidden, and Minimum
States for the responses. Yes, the states are out of order; minimum should be before hidden.

Final feedback message

The final feedback message has three states. Which one displays is determined by the Feedback variable (the total score).

  1. If Feedback is below 5 points, the “Be brave” message displays. This is the default, using the normal state.
  2. If Feedback is from 5 to 7, the “Not bad” message displays.
  3. If Feedback is 8 or more, the “Good job” message displays.
Screenshot of the trigger pane for changing the feedback message.
Triggers for the final feedback layer

Adapting this interaction

This interaction was originally built for a client, using completely different content. In that case, we wanted to encourage participants to choose the middle ground, balancing responses between two extremes. I replaced all of the original content with text from the client feedback scenario I built as a Rise sample.

Credit for the animation

The phone layout and the motion path for sliding up the previous message was based on a text message template shared by Agnieszka Gorgon in the Articulate Heroes forum. In that example, you type your response, and it appears on the phone. Her version gave me a starting point where I could add these specific responses and scoring. Check out her template too; her animation and motion paths make this look really slick.