Storytelling and Scenarios for Learning

Storytelling and Scenarios for Learning

Because I specialize in scenario-based learning and combining storytelling with technology, I have written over 70 posts on these topics. If you need help creating this kind of elearning, contact me for consulting.


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Examples of Scenarios and Stories for Learning

Branching Scenarios

Looking for ways to make branching scenarios easier to manage? Learn how to save time and manage the complexity of branching scenarios while still providing rich, valuable learning experiences. Subscribe to my blog and get my free 25-page PDF guide, updated in 2023, filled with tips and tactics for streamlining branching scenario planning and design.

Branching Scenario from Start to Finish

This series of posts explains my process of creating a branching scenario from start to finish.

  1. How to Get Started Writing a Branching Scenario for Learning
  2. Planning a Branching Scenario
  3. What to Write First in a Branching Scenario
  4. How to Write Alternate Paths
  5. Branching Scenario Prototype in Twine
  6. Creating Branching Scenario Layouts
  7. Building a Simulated Phone Conversation in Storyline
  8. Building One Path in a Storyline Branching Scenario
  9. Branching Scenario in Storyline

More on Branching Scenarios

Branching structure

When to use branching scenarios

Development and tools

Developing with Twine

Twine is a free, open-source tool for creating interactive fiction and nonlinear games. It’s also one of my favorite tools for creating branching scenarios for elearning.

Using AI to Create Branching Scenarios

Writing Scenarios and Stories for Learning

Creating Characters

Feedback and Assessment

Working with Clients and SMEs


Presentations and Podcasts

Book Reviews and Other Notes

These are my live blogged notes from presentations given by others about storytelling or scenario-based learning.