ID and eLearning Links (7/23/17)

A better way to create a custom PDF of lesson variables from captivate | eLearning A javascript solution to printing text from variables in Captivate tags:captivate javascript howto GovTribe If you’re a consultant, freelancer, or agency interested in working on US government contracts, this site helps people find opportunities and work through the RFP and

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ID and E-Learning Links (5/22/16)

Links for 5/22/16 How to Make Social Media Banners in Photoshop – GraphicStock Blog Sizes for different platforms and quick directions on how to create banners tags:socialmedia graphics howto What’s in a Theme – a Template? – Captivate blog Differences between themes and templates in Captivate. I might also use templates if multiple people are

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ID and E-Learning Links (2/21/16)

CpExtra Online Help | Infosemantics Pty Ltd Documentation for the CpExtra widget that provides additional variables and options for HTML5 Captivate courses tags:e-learning captivate Tips from L&D pro Jane Bozarth Lots of gems from Jane Bozarth here about elearning, instructional design, meaningful interactivity and engagement, social learning, PLNs, and more. This is a very quotable

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ID and E-Learning Links (7/6/15)

How to remove browser warning message in HTML 5… | Adobe Community Suggestions on how to remove the browser warning message in Firefox for Captivate HTML5 tags:e-learning captivate firefox html5 How Long Does eLearning Take to Develop? An explanation of the variables affecting the time to create e-learning, including considerations of actual time versus elapsed

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ID and E-Learning Links (6/15/15)

Matchstick Game – shared actions – Captivate blog Lieve explains how she used shared actions to create a game. She also details how she labels and groups everything. The labeling system would be usable for many other situations when you have a plethora of objects on a single slide. tags:captivate howto Embedding Is Not Copyright

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ID and E-Learning Links (5/17/15)

How to Prepare Subject Matter Experts to Review Content This is quite similar to my own approach. I don’t have as much trouble with SMEs noting grammatical errors as this author, but setting expectations like this does help get more substantive and helpful feedback. tags:sme evaluation e-learning instructionaldesign I Came, I Saw, I Learned…: Adobe

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ID and E-Learning Links (4/12/15)

The Neuroscience Of Storytelling (For Presentations) No citations, so take the science with a grain of salt. Nice visual overview of how storytelling can make presentations more memorable. These principles apply to learning too. tags:storytelling presentation neuroscience infographic How to Write a Contract Addendum (with Free Sample Addendum) Step by step writing a simple contract

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ID and e-Learning Links (10/26/14)

The True Cost of 1 Hour of Learning Infographic based on Chapman’s research on how long it takes to create different levels of e-learning, compared to ILT tags:e-learning instructionaldesign infographic Setting up Preferences in Adobe Captivate | Infosemantics Pty Ltd Lots of troubleshooting tips here with explanations of how to use the preferences. tags:e-learning captivate

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