Cathy Moore

ID and E-Learning Links (10/2/16)

Scenario based training headquarters: Cathy Moore Cathy Moore’s collected resources on scenario-based learning tags:scenarios e-learning training A Learning Science Alternative to Bloom’s Taxonomy by Brenda Sugrue : Learning Solutions Magazine Bloom’s taxonomy sometimes creates unclear verb categorization and connection to assessments. This framework is focused on performance objectives and ties the type of knowledge to

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ID and E-Learning Links (1/12/15)

Don’t fall for these adult learning myths “How to be a learning mythbuster” from Cathy Moore. Part of this is the broader problem that most people are lousy at understanding research and verifying sources. This isn’t exclusive to the learning profession. We should be better about avoiding the myths in our own field though. tags:instructionaldesign

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ID and e-Learning Links (4/20/14)

BranchTrack Free tool for creating branching scenarios. Cathy Moore wrote and built a sample course in 8 hours with this tool even though it has more than 50 decision points/endings. tags:e-learning scenarios instructionaldesign The Top 20 Most Popular LMS Software Solutions powered by Capterra Capterra’s analysis of top LMSs by customers, users, and social media

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