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ID and eLearning Links (9/23/18)

Set LearnDash lessons to completed Storyline triggers – Building Better Courses Discussions – E-Learning Heroes How to modify Steven Warwick’s javascript for tracking Captivate and iSpring lessons in WordPress LMSs (LearnDash and LifterLMS) so it works with Storyline. tags:Storyline learndash xAPI Aesthetic Usability Effect | Laws of UX 18 “laws of UX”: principles of user

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ID and E-Learning Links (5/8/16)

The More People We Connect with on LinkedIn, the Less Valuable It Becomes Many users are beginning to discover, however, that a larger number of social network connections may be less valuable than a smaller, more intimate circle. With an enormous collection of friends or followers on a network, you lose the benefits of intimacy, discoverability, and trust, all

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Freelance Instructional Design: More Tips from the Trenches

I’ve gotten some great tips from others working as independent consultants or freelance instructional designers in comments on my Getting Started as a Freelance Instructional Designer and Tips for Starting to Freelance posts. I love having so many brilliant and generous people in my network who freely share the wealth of their knowledge. Networking David Harris shared

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