ID and eLearning Links (10/15/17)

Will at Work Learning: Major Research Review on eLearning Effectiveness Will Thalheimer reviews the research on workplace learning to answer the question, “Does eLearning work?” He concludes that elearning does work, and blended learning works even better. The difference is based mostly on the instructional methods used, not the media. tags:research e-learning blended Go Design

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ID and eLearning Links (9/24/17)

Eminence-Based Education or the Terror of Famous & Shameless Eduquacks – 3-Star learning experiences Education often becomes enamored with the ideas of people who have little or no research support for their theories. Rather than falling for the “appeal to authority” (especially those “authorities” with no background in education or science to back them up),

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ID and E-Learning Links (5/15/17)

The Research Is Clear: Long Hours Backfire for People and for Companies Working long hours can decrease your total output, not just your hourly productivity rates. Overwork leads to stress, mistakes, and other problems that have real consequences for businesses. tags:productivity research Productivity in the Modern Office: A Matter of Impact – Knowledge@Wharton How you

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