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ID and eLearning Links (10/15/17)

Will at Work Learning: Major Research Review on eLearning Effectiveness Will Thalheimer reviews the research on workplace learning to answer the question, “Does eLearning work?” He concludes that elearning does work, and blended learning works even better. The difference is based mostly on the instructional methods used, not the media. tags:research e-learning blended Go Design

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ID and E-Learning Links (8/23/15)

Beyond Player Types: Kim’s Social Action Matrix Amy Jo Kim looks at the types of players for social games and provides verbs and descriptions for each. This could be useful for thinking about games for learning and the different approaches possible (i.e., it’s not all just about badges and competition). tags:gamification games Wording for rating

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ID and E-Learning Links (7/19/15)

Brian’s Must-Read Books | Train Like A Champion Books on e-learning, visual design, training evaluation, learning research, presentation skills and change management. A brief summary is included for each book listed. tags:readinglist training instructionaldesign e-learning changemanagement We Traded in Our Office for Productivity | ProEdit ProEdit explains the benefits of moving to a fully virtual

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ID and e-Learning Links (2/10/14) Free Book Collections: Kindle Store Free ebooks for Kindle tags: free Find Online Instructional Design Graduate Certificate Programs Database of online instructional design graduate certificate programs. Compare cost, prerequisites, credits required, and more. tags: instructionaldesign newid certificate Definitely Not One-Size-Fits-All: Learning and Development Job Titles — TheWorkSocial A large list of job titles in

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