Video and Research AI Tools: ID Links 1/16/24

As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links about once a month here on my blog. This post includes links related to AI tools for video storytelling and summarizing research, character images, competency mapping, and task analysis.

I’m experimenting with AI image tools to create images for my blog posts. This was created in Playground and edited in Affinity Designer.

Video and Research AI Tools: ID Links 1/16/24
AI-generated image of a complex futuristic machine with multiple computer screens for research

Video and research AI tools

Visla: All-in-one Video Storytelling

AI video tool for video editing and generation. Specifically, one of the features lets you edit videos by editing the transcript. This tool has a free plan with some limitations which look like plenty to at least test it out and potentially use if you need something quick.

Consensus: AI Search Engine for Research

Curious about the research on a particular topic? Consensus searches research and provides summaries. If you ask a yes/no question on a well-researched topic, it will provide you with a color-coded yes/no/maybe summary. This doesn’t work as well if there isn’t much research on a particular topic (as is the case for a lot of L&D questions), but this research AI tool is a good way to both get a quick glance at the research and to find sources so you can dig deeper on your own.

Character images

Stubborn – Free Illustrations Generator

This site allows you to customize illustrated characters and backgrounds. The illustration style wouldn’t work for every situation, but if a more informal style would fit, this tool looks promising.

Competency mapping and task analysis

What Is Competency Mapping? Your Ultimate 2024 Guide – AIHR

An overview of competency mapping. While this is more of an HR task, it’s related to L&D because of the connections between skills and training to address skill gaps.

What is Cognitive Task Analysis? – Global Cognition

Understanding how experts approach problems and make decisions is challenging, but important for training people on complex skills. Cognitive Task Analysis isn’t one approach to analysis, but rather a number of related methods to uncover information from SMEs.

Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) is a family of psychological research methods for uncovering and representing what people know and how they think. CTA extends traditional task analysis to tap into the mental processes that underlie observable behavior, and reveal the cognitive skills and strategies needed to effectively tackle challenging situations.

Instead, the idea of the critical decision method is to get experienced professionals to describe some of the toughest challenges they faced. By using carefully crafted probes, the CTA interviewer teases out how these people assessed situations and made decisions in critical moments of their experience.

– Winston Sieck

Additional resources

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