Weekly Bookmarks (11/13/11)

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  1. Actually, when you’re talking about animating one bullet at a time on a slide, the research says the opposite of your experience. You’re better having the text on the slide for as long as possible rather than bringing it in slowly:

    Of course, slides with lots of text don’t really work well period:

    Judy’s research isn’t talking about animating text though, it’s about animating a learning agent or avatar. This is a character who guides learners through the course. The animation was syncing that character’s lips to the audio and adding gestures. The static condition had screenshots of the same characters. If you’re interested, you really should read her summary and her paper.

  2. Hi Christy,
    O…that is really interesting. Are slides with times captioned…’Animated’. from my experience seeing just the picture slowly adding captions is much better than a mass of caption. What do you think?
    Digital Teacher

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