Weekly Bookmarks (5/20/12)

  • Karl Kapp responds to Ruth Clark’s claim that “games don’t teach” and Richard Clark’s claim that no research supports gaming with a review of the research and what it actually does and doesn’t tell us.

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    • Instructional games seem to foster higher-order thinking such as planning and reasoning more than factual or verbal knowledge.
    • Specifically, learning from simulation games was maximized when trainees actively rather than passively learned work-related competencies during game play, trainees could choose to play as many times as desired, and simulation games were embedded in an instructional program rather than serving as stand-alone instruction.
    • Challenge, interactivity and continual feedback can be applied to a classroom exercises, a paper and pencil activity or used online. The design is universal while the delivery vehicle can change. It is not technology that makes a game a game—it’s the design, the inclusion of a challenge and interactivity that make a game a game.
  • Guy Wallace makes some ad hominem attacks against me for my criticism of Ruth Clark’s claim that “games don’t teach” (although he doesn’t mention me by name or link to me, it’s pretty clear that he is talking about my post). Once you get past the part where he says that Clark has made so many contributions to the field that it’s not fair to “attack” her, especially if you’re someone like me who isn’t a “shining star,” there are some valid points. He’s correct that “popularity is not evidence” and that games can be more expensive than other solutions that might be just as effective.

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  • This is screenshots of storyboards, rather than links to actual templates, but good inspiration for different ways to lay out a storyboard and examples of what to include.

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Bookmarks (5/20/12)

  1. You are right and you are fair and cosequent.
    Guy is blinded by someones shinning, someone that only wants to buzz the cloud.
    Keep up your good work, you are lighting my way, but you are not blinding me. Thanks christy

    1. Thank you for your kind words. You brought a smile to my face.
      Guy does have some good ideas, and he has lots of experience in the field. He does seem to be very enamored with the ideas of a few individuals like Ruth Clark and Richard Clark though, and he appears more concerned with people’s credentials than whether or not their arguments are sound.

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