Weekly Bookmarks (7/31/2011)

  • Study examining what happens when you remove common elements of instruction. Practice with feedback was critical; information, objectives, examples, and review made little difference.

    “This study investigated the effects of several elements of instruction (objectives, information, practice, examples and review) when they were combined in a systematic manner.”
    “Results indicated participants who used one of the four versions of the computer program that included practice performed significantly better on the posttest and had consistently more positive attitudes than those who did not receive practice.”

    tags: instructionaldesign e-learning research

  • Criticism of Bloom’s Taxonomy, with two alternatives for classifying objectives

    tags: learningobjectives bloom learning instructionaldesign

    • The categories or “levels” of Bloom’s taxonomy (knowledge,   comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) are not   supported by any research on learning. The only distinction that is supported   by research is the distinction between declarative/conceptual knowledge   (which enables recall, comprehension, or understanding) and procedural   knowledge (which enables application or task performance).

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