Weekly Bookmarks (9/19/2010)

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  1. I think a hybrid approach might be a good idea. If you start with ILT, then do online learning reviews or some options for informal learning. And if you start with online learning to a dispersed audience, then provide the next level of instruction in a distance format that allows for discussion. (These are just examples.)

  2. This is excellent information, Christy, and I will tweet and FB your post. It’s great to see you back it up with Cog Sci research. Now we just have to figure out how to implement it!

    1. Thanks Connie! I got into a good debate with a coworker who says he can’t possibly do training one day a week spread out over multiple weeks. I promised I’d find him some of the relevant research, and this post is the result of my initial pass.

      The challenge for me now is two-fold: convincing this trainer that it is possible to do this successfully (even though this has failed for him in the past) plus figuring out how to design the content to work effectively in a spaced model. It’s going to be an interesting project.

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