Why a Wiki?

Our team uses a wiki to document our design and development processes, something I wrote about in a short column for the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions magazine. This weekend I was imagining a conversation between two people about the benefits of a wiki. This overlaps quite a bit with the reasons in my article, but it’s a more fun presentation with Xtranormal.

I kept this conversation pretty generic; I think these reasons apply to documentation for any kind of group, not just instructional designers or e-learning developers. This also focuses exclusively on the “why” of wikis. If you want more ideas on the “how,” check out my article in Learning Solutions. (Registration is required to read the articles, but even free Associate members get this benefit.)

7 thoughts on “Why a Wiki?

  1. Our team wiki was our document management system until we got a real one. It worked pretty well within our team, but since the rest of the company isn’t using a wiki we couldn’t use it everywhere.

  2. Yeah, I realized after I put it up on YouTube that I probably should have spelled it as “wikees” for the text to speech. It is funny how it does fine with the singular but has so much trouble with the plural though.

    What wiki do you use with your team? We use Wikispaces, which isn’t perfect but is pretty darn good for the price.

  3. Our group of instructional designers also uses a wiki to document…well, everything! It’s very helpful.

    I love how the text-to-speech renders “wikis” as a unique word, rather than the plural of “wiki”. 🙂

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