Wikis & Emerging Web 2.0 E-Learning Communities, Part 2

This is Part 2 of my notes from the webinar Wikis & Emerging Web 2.0 E-Learning Communities. My notes are in all caps. (I got distracted by email during some of this, so I doubt that my notes are complete.)

Howard Reingold

Used in Communication: Virtual Community & Social Media course

Has come to realize that literacies in Web 2.0 media are a big question

In the past, he used wikis to make the syllabus a living document

You have to give up part of the authority of being the professor and single expert, but that’s what’s exciting for students

Uses a lot of small teamwork as “labs”

Emphasis on learning by demonstration, then doing

Have students note what they feel to be most important from discussions on their own personal wiki pages

Assign two students each week to go through lots of scattered pages and collect the fragments together GREAT USE OF STUDENT LEADERSHIP

Uses wiki for how-to guides for using Web 2.0 technology; it changes too fast to print it in a book

This is a community resource, not just for his course

Wiki facilitates active note-taking during class. Students bring their laptops to class anyway; why not provide something to engage them?

Includes some multimedia content on the wiki (video etc.)

Read Part 1 and Part 3 of my notes.

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