Workshop Pricing, Tools, Volunteering: ID Links 7/5/22

Curated resources on workshop pricing, useful tools and resources for L&D professionals, volunteering guidelines, games, and more.

As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links periodically here on my blog. This post includes workshop pricing, useful tools and resources for L&D professionals, volunteering and internship guidelines, scenarios, games, and diverse stock images.

Workshop pricing

What to Charge for Your Workshop, Training or Webinar — The Counselor’s Coach

This article has pricing breakdowns for three different workshops, including one virtual one. I appreciate seeing the numbers here for both expenses and profits, even though this is for a different audience.

My tips on how to formulate a price for your workshop

One person’s breakdown of how much time is required to deliver a 6-hour workshop. This includes 9 hours for creating slides and materials, which clearly only includes adapting existing materials and not creating them from scratch.

How much to charge for a training workshop – the pricing essentials

This article walks through some of the different factors in determining pricing for a training workshop.

Useful tools and resources for L&D professionals

Will training help? Ask the flowchart from Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore has created a new interactive online version of her flowchart to decide if a problem is best addressed through a job aid, better tools, training, or something else.

Curated Resources – Learning 4 Learning Professionals

Catherine Lombardozzi’s curated resources on a number of topics: blended learning, learning environments, creativity, scaffolding, instructional design skill development, design thinking, and more. — All-in-one bookmark manager

Bookmark manager that takes screenshots and allows highlights like Diigo. Although I have relied on Diigo for a long time for saving and tagging bookmarks, the site hasn’t been actively developed in several years. This might be a viable alternative.

Fancy Font Generator

Generate text with different fonts to paste in other places like LinkedIn. This is one way to make a large block of text easier to read by adding headings and dividers, like in your About Me section on LinkedIn.

Tiiny Host – The Easiest Way To Host Your E-Learning Course

Need a quick way to share an elearning course? This looks like a very simple way to do so, much simpler than setting up an Amazon S3 account. This might work as an option for students in my branching scenario course to host their scenarios. However, on a free account, the uploaded content is deleted after 7 days–this is meant for quick reviews of sites, not for long-term hosting. You can do a paid account, but there are probably better options for the cost at that point.

Gather | A better way to meet online.

A tool for creating online communities that feel more like a game. I saw a fun example with a scavenger hunt within this virtual environment.

Volunteering and internship guidelines (notes for new IDs and those who advise them)

I bookmarked the links below because I keep seeing people advising new IDs to contact small businesses to “volunteer” for them. You can volunteer for a non-profit, but you generally can’t volunteer for a for-profit business. These sources are specific to US labor laws (FLSA), but most countries have similar regulations.

How to Determine if an Individual Is a Volunteer or an Employee

This article explains the difference between volunteers and employees, as well as listing the 7 factors for determining if an intern can be unpaid or not. (The quick answer is that it’s likely cheaper and easier to pay an intern than to legally offer an unpaid internship.)

There are no general regulations that permit volunteering of services to an employer in the private sector. All hours worked must be paid.

Can You Accept Volunteer Labor? – HR Daily Advisor

Volunteering can be a great way to get some experience when you’re first getting started in a field. However, you should volunteer for a nonprofit. You can’t volunteer for a for-profit company. Asking a company if you can do free work for them tells that company that you believe they will violate federal law to take advantage of you. You’re not doing them a favor. You’re asking them to do an enormous amount of work by having an attorney help them create an unpaid internship program for you.

Most for-profit organizations cannot accept volunteer, unpaid labor without running afoul of the FLSA.

Even interns must be paid in most circumstances—if they’re performing tasks that benefit the employer (as opposed to just learning and observing), they’re completing work that is entitled to pay. This is true even if the intern offers his or her services for free just to get started with the organization.

Scenarios and games

Hack: How to Add Custom Characters to Scenario Blocks – Overview

While the Rise scenario block doesn’t have a way to add your own customer characters, you can use this trick from Tom Kuhlmann. It’s a bit of a kludge, but you can swap out the images in the published file. The image file names aren’t obvious, but Tom shows how he uses PPT to keep track of which label goes with each image.

I Created This Prototype For The Play To Learn Book Tour | Mel Milloway

Mel Milloway created a game prototype in Twine that tracks in xAPI in 2017. She says she would do some things differently now, but I want to take a look at how this was done.

Video Game Secrets – BIANCA WOODS

Slides from Bianca Woods’s presentation on “The Secrets Video Games Can Teach L&D About Crafting Scenarios and Simulations That Work.” I didn’t attend the session, but the slides and references to the games used as inspiration are still useful.

Diverse stock images

Body Liberation Stock: Body-Positive & Size-Diverse Stock Photos for Commercial Use – Body liberation boudoir, portraits, stock, HAES & more | Seattle

If you need more diversity in stock images, this site has a range of body sizes and people with visible and invisible disabilities. Images start around $5 each, which seems pretty reasonable (and much better than the $40/image I have seen on some other specialty sites).

Additional resources

Check out my complete library of links or my previous bookmarks posts.

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