Freelance Company Name: Ideas Needed

Idea by annais

For some time, I’ve been meaning to set up an official business for my freelance side projects. However, I’m stumped on the name. Tucker is a common last name, and there are several other Christy Tuckers in the online space (including one in education even). That excludes anything generic like “Tucker Consulting.”

I don’t have a name that lends itself to something clever like Clark Quinn’s Quinnovation, and I haven’t even been able to come up with something unique like Karyn Romeis’ (now sadly defunct) Learning Anorak or Lav Chintapalli’s Human Dynamix.

The best idea I have right now is to steal from Robert Kennedy and call my business CT Learning Solutions. That would work, of course, but I’m wondering if there’s something better.

I’m hoping someone out there has a more interesting idea. Any suggestions? I’m up for any brainstorming ideas you have, even if they are a little wild; they might spark some inspiration. Of course, if you like “CT Learning Solutions,” let me know that too.

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    1. I actually do like your company name, Robert–that’s why I was thinking about shamelessly stealing the idea from you! Somehow it sounds better with 4 initials than 2 though.

      And yes, there are certainly more people with your name than mine. I bet you get emails for the wrong “Robert Kennedy” just like I get emails for the wrong Christy or C Tuckers semi-regularly.

      I do like Tucker Creative; I think that’s my favorite so far. Someone else has the domain registered though, and there are several similar names in use. Maybe “Tucker Creative Learning” to make it clear I’m not in the advertising/web design area?

  2. Hey Hey Hey, my company name happens to work for me :-). Actually, it more so stemmed from a business decision and we just kept it. You could always play on your name a bit. When you deliver a module to a client, you could always tell them they’ve been “Tuckered” or “Christened”, lol. Tuck & Roll. Tuck & Learn. Tucked In. The Tuck Stops Here. Christy’s Tuck Stop. Tuckeroo. If It Walks Like A Tuck. The Tuck Shop. The “Tuck”et List. OK, a couple more serious ones, Tucker Creative, Tuck-nology. Should I go on? I got a million of ’em. 🙂


  3. Hi Christy,
    CT reminds me of the medical examination of the name. How about just “T solutions”? Then you can put everything into the mysterious letter 🙂

    1. How about a take on some of the previous suggestions such as CristalClearSolutions (CCS)or you could spell Crystal correctly since you also have a ‘y’ in your name?

      1. I’d probably go with Crystal and not Cristal if I went that route (just like I’d probably go with Chrysalis and not an alternate spelling).

        Unfortunately, Google turned up several other businesses and sites with the name “Crystal Clear Solutions.” Apparently other people think it’s a good idea too!

    2. My full initials are CAT, but I don’t want to imply that I do feline behavior training. Good point on CT though. I had thought about “Classroom Technology” but not CT scans.

  4. Christy,
    This is always a tough one.
    The advice I was given is to make the name reflect something you are passionate about. I have a passion for using Improvisation to help Organizations (Sorry about the ‘Z’, I’m stateside) so I called my entity IMPROVing Organizations. What is your passion?

    1. No apology for the Z needed; I’m in North Carolina. 🙂

      The passion question is something I’m struggling with because I think I’m reluctant to limit my options. Maybe I’m just being wishy washy and not committing though.

      1. Your passion is not going to limit you, instead it will tell people why they should be picking you. Go ahead. Commit. Afterall there are literally thousands on frelancers out there in the Workplace Learning space. You need to give people a reason to pick oyu. Also by having a name that reflects your passion it’s more likely to attract the sort of business that you can be passionate about. To quote ‘The Bard’ “But above all this to thine own self be true”

    1. Right this moment, I have a side project doing a QA review of someone’s online courses. In the past, I’ve done other consulting and instructional design work. If I do eventually go full time with my freelance work, I expect I’ll do a wide range of work, especially starting out. Therefore, I want a name that doesn’t box me into any one aspect of instructional design/e-learning/training/education.

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