TCC09: Creating a Culture of Learning

Full Title: Creating a Culture of Learning – Modeling a Vision for Technology Use in an Online Environment to Impact the Use of Technology in the K-12 System

Liveblogged notes from the TCC online conference. My notes in italics.

Summary: “This session will share ideas of how to create a culture of learning in an online class at the university level so that it will impact the vision and use of technology at the K-12 level. Regardless of age, individuals learn differently. Creating an online learning environment that utilizes differentiated strategies to meet the needs of a diverse student population will be addressed.”


  • Silvia Braidic, California University of Pennsylvania
  • Joe Oliphant, California University of Pennsylvania

Joe was a teacher for 6 years, now graduate student/technology director working to help teachers use tools

Topics Addressed

  • Background
  • Lead by example
  • Model and Infuse Effective Practices of Technology
  • Technology Tools
  • Enabling Others
  • Increase Technology Awareness
  • Research on Coaching
  • A little Trivia

Their program follows Quality Matters–teacher & principal training

What steps can we take to impact how technology is used in K-12 classrooms?

Resources can be used for other fields, not just education

Their vision: Lead the way

University Program > University Student (Principal candidates) > Teachers > Students

How do we lead the way?

  • Awareness of tools
  • Understand what tools are capable of
  • Learner-centered environment–need to get our learners involved
  • Promote participation
  • Instructional coaching for technology

Technology Tools

  • Support communication
  • Foster collaboration
  • Meet diverse student needs


  • Most people had used Skype
  • I’m not taking notes on their overviews of the tools–you can get that info elsewhere. Ask in the comments if a tools is mentioned that you want to learn more about.
  • Example: Live Webcam piano lesson via Skype

Feed Readers

  • Someone mentioned that Twitter has become her feed reader
  • Great way to spend a certain amount of time as a principal learning without having to go hunt for stuff

Google Docs

  • They have used Google Docs for student feedback with comments–avoids the emailing back and forth
  • They would like more administrators to start using it to model for teachers–maybe with Google spreadsheets with teachers for fundraising.
  • Can start small
  • As a tech person in the schools, Joe was able to model tools, get the principal to model, and have it start to trickle down

Google Forms

  • Follow the wizard to create
  • Compiles it automatically into a spreadsheet


  • Classroom websites for free
  • Gave example of a 1st grade teacher with a very slick looking “bulletin board” with links to different projects
  • Share info with parents w/o wasting paper
  • Example given in the chat: all but the first page is student-created work:
  • Use wikis as archive of resources for students to refer to as needed
  • Share documents together
  • Multimedia posted on the wiki like Blabberize

Principals have walkthroughs for things to observe in classrooms, but often don’t have walkthroughs for their tools

ISTE has a free classroom observation tool: ICOT. Helps principals identify best practices being used in classrooms.

Funny parody video with technology for getting walkthroughs done–Walkthrough and Learning Objectives

Online Portfolios

  • LiveText
  • Get principals to model by creating their own portfolios

Steps to increase technology awareness for principals

  • Show how supports teaching and learning
  • Advocate tools available–lots are free
  • Involve parents, school board members, staff
  • Use a wiki to share best practices
  • Model positive relationships between principals and tech coordinators

Coaching does improve use of technology

Common Craft videos as examples

Used a Google Form to share resources at the end–get everyone to participate

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