A Small Blog Milestone

I know my stats aren’t breaking any records or anything, but I was happy to see that my all time top post, Instructional Design Skills, hit 500 views yesterday. Four of my posts from that series are still in my top 5, so obviously that series resonated with people. Those posts are probably the ones that get the most results from search engines too, which is part of why they continue to get traffic. Of course, that series was born out of requests for information I’d received in the past, and it therefore shouldn’t surprise me that people continue to ask those questions. The number of views feels like a reflection of people (hopefully) finding answers to their questions to me, and that feels rewarding.

I realize I’ve been a little quiet posting this week. The last few weeks have been crazy for work, and I think I’m just enjoying a bit of down time both with work and here. I have been commenting quite a bit, including a number of comments related to the blog book tour for Karl Kapp’s book. Karl even gave me an honorable mention for my commenting. So, I’m around, just taking a breather.

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