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Building Simulations in Twine

March 20, 2024

Thanks for attending Building Simulations in Twine: Points, Feedback, and Design!

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Harlowe manual: Documentation on macros and functionality in Harlowe, the default Twine story format

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Crafting Captivating Branching Scenarios in 90 Minutes

June 13, 2023

These are my resources for “Crafting Captivating Branching Scenarios in 90 Minutes, my previous Twine workshop with Learning Rebels. This handout includes detailed information on getting started in Twine.

Scenario introduction

You have recently been promoted to team lead in the call center for TaxLink, a tax preparation software company in San Diego. You’re excited about the new role, but a little nervous about giving feedback to the customer service agents who now report to you.
Some recent audits of calls have uncovered issues you’ll need to address with the team to improve their performance. 
[[Let’s get started.]]

First decision point

On a recent call, Mollie, a senior call center tech, was helping Jim. Jim was confused at the beginning of the call, and he was increasingly frustrated that his problem hadn't been solved even though he had called several times. Mollie started the call very cheerful, but quickly lost patience when she felt Jim's requests were unreasonable. Emotions escalated on the call until both Mollie and Jim were yelling, and Jim hung up.
How do you start your conversation with Mollie?
[[Do you have a few minutes to chat?]]
[[I scheduled a meeting so we can talk about your call with Jim.]]
[[We need to talk.]]