Daily Bookmarks 01/24/2007

Innovation Creators: How to use Blogs in the Workplace  Annotated(1)

  • Post with concrete steps businesses can take to use blogs to improve internal communication and motivate employees.
     – post by christyinsdesign

The idea behind Activity Centric Worksites is to use blogging tools to facilitate focused business communication. Instead of using a blog as a tool for one person to broadcast their thoughts on “whatever”, use blogs as a platform to help people within your company communicate about what they are doing for work. To make it easy to frame the conversation, provide structure around simple concepts that make sense for your company.

    Edheads – Activate Your Mind!

    • Terrific, engaging examples of e-learning simulations with lots of interactivity. Free lesson plans for teachers available.
       – post by christyinsdesign

    Note: I recommend that you avoid visiting the Edheads site unless you have set aside time to play. Otherwise, you will procrastinate and not accomplish whatever work you’re supposed to be doing!

    John Edwards, the e-Candidate  Annotated(1)

    • MSNBC article about John Edwards’ use of emerging Web technologies in his 2008 presidential campaign
       – post by christyinsdesign

    There’s never been a better time for politicos to tap the Internet. Twice as many Americans used the Web as their primary source of news about the 2006 election cycle as in 2002, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & The Press released on Jan. 17.

    Of those, almost one in four reported creating or forwarding original political commentary and videos. An additional 20% say they got political news from online journals, or blogs, and 24% from issue-oriented sites.

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