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Are You a Techno-Constructivist?  Annotated(1)

  • Identifies four stages of teacher technology use, with the last stage being “techno-constructivists” who “integrate technology into the curriculum so that it not only
    complements instruction but redefines it.” Explains the need to integrate technology this way and describes what techno-constructivists look like. I’m not sure I like the term, but the ideas are good.
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Quote: Seventy percent of the jobs available in the workforce will somehow be related to the acquisition and manipulation of digital knowledge. Workers will need to be able to access information, evaluate it for its worth, use it in creative ways, and be flexible enough to change their work product as the information changes. Ninety percent of those jobs will go unfilled if this need is not addressed today in the schools. The time is now.

Radio WillowWeb  Annotated(1)

  • Elementary school with student-created podcasts
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Quote:Radio WillowWeb is a podcast for kids and by kids from the students at Willowdale Elemetary School in Omaha, Nebraska.

Blogical Minds  Annotated(1)

  • 5th grade class blog including student podcasts and artwork. Lots of positive feedback for the students!
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Quote: This is a blog created to explore what happens when 5th graders blog and converse about literacies in class and beyond.

Podagogy » Thinking about podcasting models – Podagogy  Annotated(1)

  • Ideas on structuring podcasts for teaching, moving beyond simply recording a lecture
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Quote: In my opinion however, recording a lecture does not take full advantage of the medium’s potential. It would seem that supplemental information that takes the student past the basics provided in the lecture would provide a richer basis for reflection and dialog. Especially if our goal is to more deeply engage the student with the concepts in the course.

podcasting @ the university of wisconsin – madison

  • Teaching and learning with podcasting. Provides 5 steps for creating podcasts for teaching. These tips are focused on teacher-created podcasts and don’t include information about student-created podcasts.
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EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

  • Legal liability and intellectual property issues for bloggers
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Podcasting Legal Guide – CcWiki

Education Podcast Network

  • Directory of education podcasts, sorted by subject and grade level.
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