Daily Bookmarks 06/15/2009

  • This summary doesn’t say how large the sample size was, and the researchers clarify that it’s only about teaching new concepts. However, it is interesting to note that animation in PowerPoint slide decreased recall and comprehension.

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    • To test their hypothesis, the team recorded two versions of a PowerPoint lecture. The presentations differed only in the presence of animation to incrementally present information. They then showed students either the animated or non-animated lecture and then tested the students recall and comprehension of the lecture.

      The team found a marked difference in average student performance, with those seeing the non-animated lecture performing much better in the tests than those who watched the animated lecture. Students were able to recall details of the static graphics much better. Animated slides meant to present information incrementally actually require greater concentration, which makes it harder to remember content as well as reducing overall exposure time to the “complete” slide, the researchers found.

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