ID and E-Learning Links (1/17/16)

  • This assumes the training actually has an effect on behavior (and let’s be honest–it doesn’t always), but this is a good breakdown of how training someone to be better at their job has a great ROI

    tags:training ROI

  • Lengthy criticism of growth mindset, looking at both Dweck’s research and the way it is misinterpreted and applied in educational policy

    tags:growthmindset education research

    • To a certain extent, I feel the growth mindset is the equivalent of putting a penguin next to an eagle and inviting them to both take off. When the eagle is a speck in the sky, the observer then tells the penguin that the only reason it isn’t also flying is that it isn’t putting enough effort in. If only it flaps its wings harder, it’ll be chasing the eagle in no time.

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