ID and eLearning Links 7/14/20

In this post, I share links on estimating development time in higher ed, branching scenarios, and new tools for whiteboarding and image generation.

As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links periodically here on my blog. In this post, I share links on estimating development time, branching scenarios, and new tools.

Estimating development time in higher ed

How long does it take to develop an online course? | UT Dallas eLearning Team
While a few studies exist about development time for workplace elearning, not as much seems to be readily available for higher education. This post has some breakdowns for development time for developing a syllabus, recording lectures, assignments, etc. The estimate for discussion board questions seems a little low to me (a good discussion question often takes more than 5 minutes to write and refine), but this is a good starting point. This is about 130 hours of work for a single online course.

Branching scenarios

Tool for creating branching scenario training or interactive games. I haven’t tried this yet, but there’s a free version that would be enough to test it out. The tool collects data on user behavior. The website says it’s using AI to analyze behavior, but it’s not quite clear exactly what that AI is doing.

How to give delayed FEEDBACK in a Google Form –
Branching scenarios can be built in Google Forms. It may not be my first choice as a tool, but plenty of teachers in schools are restricted to Google tools. This post goes step by step to show how to provide either immediate or delayed feedback and how to create branching with the “Go to Section” option.

Designing Scenario-Based Learning for Skill Development | Learning Solutions Magazine
This article from Bill Brandon gives an overview of the development sequence for scenario-based learning, plus a preview of my session on Streamlining Branching Scenario Planning and Design.

Scenario-based learning (SBL) and the inclusion of practice with feedback are much more effective approaches to the development of skill and competence.

Bill Brandon

New tools: Whiteboard, pattern generator

Online whiteboard tool. This looks like it might be worth investigating for those running into limitations with their existing tools. No plugins or downloads needed. · Low Poly Pattern Generator
Free tool for creating triangle patterns. Vary the colors, size, variability of the triangles, etc. These make good backgrounds; I have used similar patterns for blog posts.

Additional resources

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