Insights for L&D, Twine, Games: ID Links 3/8/22

As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links periodically here on my blog. This post includes links on insights for L&D, Twine, game design, graphic design, and quality assurance for elearning.

Insights for L&D professionals

Best from the Brightest: Key Ideas and Insights for L&P Professionals – TiER1 Performance

48 learning and performance leaders share their favorite content shared in 2021. Use this list to find both new sources to read and new people to follow. Many of the participants also shared trends to watch in 2022, other recommended content, and additional people to follow. This list is heavy on evidence-informed design.

Two Questions That Should Be Influencing Every L&D Team’s Strategy

Clark Quinn weighs in on the role of learning science in the field of L&D.

Does learning science play a role in our work, and, just how much of an impact does it have on our profession?

We must be able to see the gaps in our instructional design, which learning science helps to support. It also gives us a basis to infer how to use new technologies. If we want to avoid doing slide presentations, we have to know what cognitive (and emotional) advantages these technologies have so we can leverage them for success.

However, I’ve argued strongly that what’s most critical is the ability to make better decisions. The decisions we make determine our success. We make better decisions about learning when we know how learning works. It may not be all the time, but they will be the most impactful decisions when leveraging evidence-based approaches to our work. If we don’t have the foundation for learning-grounded decisions, the important ones not be made on a solid basis.

Regardless of its latest terminology, we need to be able to see past the hype and be able to evaluate the claims.

Clark Quinn


A Total Beginner’s Guide to Twine 2.1 – Adam Hammond

This guide is to Twine uses the Sugarcube format, which allows more control via CSS and Javascript, rather than Harlowe, which allows easier internal customization but isn’t as easy to implement with CSS and Javascript.

botscripten/ at master · aibex/botscripten · GitHub

This is a modified Trialogue format for Twine for creating chat-style stories. Since Trialogue was never really released and can be a little glitchy, I want to test this one out too.

Games and branching scenarios

How to Craft Branched Scenario Choices Like a Game Designer – E-Learning Heroes

Taking inspiration from games, this post notes some specific features of games that we can borrow for branching scenarios. Plus, Bianca includes recommendations for games to try for more ideas.

Graphic design

50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory

A curated list of free lessons on graphic design, typography, color, and UX.

Quality assurance

eLearning Quality Assurance Checklist : Publications Library | The Learning Guild

I wrote a free checklist to help guide elearning testing and reviews, published by the Learning Guild. (Free registration required and recommended so you can get access to many more free resources from the Guild.)

Additional resources

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